W7UUU in  July 2013

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Not much here—just a basic site for my Amateur Radio Station W7UUU based near Tacoma, Washington

I’ve been a licensed ham radio operator since March 15, 1975 when I went on the air as a novice, with the call sign WN7AWK.  I upgraded to General Class in 1976, receiving the call of WB7AWK.

I was active from 1974 to around 1982 or so, when other interests in my life took precedence.  It wasn’t until about 1996 that I got back into the hobby, with a Kenwood TS-820.  Then on my birthday in June of 1997, I took the Extra Class exam (20-WPM CW days) and passed with flying colors.  But alas, I fell back into disinterest in radio around 2000 and didn’t revisit until 2006.  I’ve more or less been on since then, but in the last year or so returned to full interest, with a brand new FT-950 as the station radio.

I never really thought about “upgrading” my call sign until recently, and just got the W7UUU designation.  Why?  Well, after all these years, that blasted “K” has played havoc with me on CW (folks calling me WB7AW followed by “K”, or “Over” in CW!!  Plus the W7UUU is pretty fast  and FUN to send on CW!

Anyway, see you on the bands—73’s  Dave W7UUU


Updated July 2013


amateur radio station    W7UUU

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CQ Zone 3

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